Billing Services

Through it subsidiary, Utility Billing Services (UBS), Water Systems is able to provide a variety of utility billing options. We currently monitor and read over 600 properties in over 30 states.

Our strategy is to provide the highest quality billing services at attractive, competitive rates. Whether your property is Metered or a RUB, we are the professional billing company you want.??Professional staff as well as top-of-the-line hardware and software systems assure prompt and courteous service for residents, managers and owners.??UBS will : Save you money, Customize bills and reports for your specific needs, Bill Multiple Utilities (Water, Gas, Electricity, Heating and Cooling) on the same bill, Make submetering easy for your property management staff, and Keep your residents happy with our Customer Care Call Center (C4) to answer questions and resolve discrepancies.

For information concerning read, bill and collect prices, please give us a call at (800) 679-2837 for further information.

Sample Proforma:
Net Operating Incoming and Property Value Impact

Assumptions: A 215-unit garden-style apartment complex, 93% occupied, $40/unit/month average water/sewer bill. Annual water bill due to resident consumption is $96,000. Rent is $450/month.
Before Installation of the WS2000 Submetering System
Annual Income (GRI)
Expenses @ 50% of GRI
Net Operating Income
After Submetering with the WS2000
Annual Income (GRI)
Income from water
$ 96,000
Net Operating Income
Impact on Property Value
Using a capitalization rate of 10%
Value before submetering with WS2000
Value after submetering with WS2000

The income increases by the amount the residents paid for their water. Although this is only an example, the numbers represent the magnitude of the value of submetering brings many properties.??Leak detection and prevention will reduce expenses even more.??For many properties, water expense is the first or second largest line item in the operating budget. Shouldn't you be managing it?

The Water Systems, Inc Difference

All of us at Water Systems, Inc. (WSI) believe our company has many unique talents and exclusive products and services- Advantages which others in our industry do not have. Please compare us to our competitors. Property owners and managers find us different in important and valuable ways. You will be glad you took the time to check out The Intelligent Solution.


This is the Water Systems motto. Although we haven't been able to examine all the products of all the companies which claim to be submetering providers, we have checked out more than twenty such firms. Based on what we have seen, the features, functions, and technical talent highlighted in RED above are Water Systems exclusives.

If you don't take the time to learn about our WS2000, you will never know what these differences mean to you. Call Water Systems at (800) 679-2837. You will be glad you did.



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