Industrial Quality Components - Rugged components tested in environments far tougher than that of your property. All NEMA-4 environmental protection packaging of electronics.
Component Isolation Architecture - An approach to system design which means a failure in one component does not result in a system-wide problem. The WSI  system design is in contrast to highly integrated electronics where one circuit board failure means impairment or outage of the entire system.
Highest Resolution Meters - The water sub-meters used by WSI  in many cases are 5 to 10 times more precise in measuring the increments of the utility consumed.
Application "Right" Engineering - WSI systems aren't over-engineered. They are  engineered the "right" way. Our competition is under- engineered when compared to WSI.

RESULT - Remarkable reliability, longevity, and accuracy with the WSI  metering and leak detection systems.



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