All property management companies are looking for ways to reduce costs. Water submetering of multi family properties can be an effective method of cost reduction. Water Systems, Inc., can provide an array of services that can send your property management company into the black.

Water Systems, Inc., can scale a solution to meet your exact needs at the price point that works within your budget. We offer a submetering system that is read remotely. Our water utility billing service will then create and send a bill to each resident based on actual consumption.

We can even provide the hardware, software, and maintenance of your submetering system to you at NO COST if you choose, giving you extra financial freedom!

Water Submetering Benefits

  • Water is not rent, so separating them and assigning the water bill to its rightful user makes sound financial sense.
  • Strong utility billing services help stabilize your budget and makes your income more predictable.
  • Billing residents for their usage places them in control of their costs as well as their consumption.
  • Studies show that when residents pay for the utilities they use, it decreases their usage by as much as 39 percent.
  • Residential utility costs, billed by a third party community utility billing service, are not considered "rent" so you can offer more competitive rental fees. Improving your net operating income and decreasing your operating costs increases your property value.
  • Submetering converts a variable financial liability from the "cost of business" side of the ledger to the "income and asset" side of the ledger. It can be the difference between being profitable and carrying a negative balance sheet.

Are you interested in learning more about Water Systems, Inc., and how we can help improve your bottom line? Check out or give us a call at 800-679-2837 to speak with a sales representative. Let’s get you started on the path to cutting your business costs!


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